G.I. Jobs® Virtual Career Fair

Featuring pre-vetted employers with world-class programs and policies for hiring military

Date: April 8, 2014
Time: 2:00pm EDT to 6:00pm EDT

Military Friendly Career Fair

Get VIP access to hiring managers who speak your language.

Are you trying to start your civilian career? You’re not alone. Taking the first steps after getting out of the military can be daunting. Where do you start? Who are the right people to talk to? What questions should you ask?

Find out at our G.I. Jobs® Virtual Career Fair, exclusively featuring Military Friendly Employers® and employers featured in G.I. Jobs magazine.

Our upcoming G.I. Jobs® Virtual Career Fair will put you in direct, live conversations with representatives from various companies with military programs in place! We’ve done the hard part for you, screening thousands of employers and selecting the best as Military Friendly®.

We’ll even send you a pre-event “cheat sheet” with a list of prep-questions to ask during the event and tips to research employers ahead of time. We’ll also be available to chat during the event in case you have any last minute questions or need tips before speaking to employers.

Why attend?

We START you off with pre-vetted Military Friendly Employers® and exclusive employers featured in G.I. Jobs magazine.

Direct ACCESS to hiring managers that speak your language.

Get ANSWERS to help decide which job is the best fit.

It's a one-stop SOLUTION for your job search.

How Will the Event Work?

Register online for free and create an account. Takes 5 minutes, tops.

Complete your profile before Mar. 11 by filling out what kind of job you're looking for and any experience you may have

Check back in late February to see the list of registered employers and what positions they offer. We’ll send you a reminder and even a cheat sheet for the event suggesting questions you may want to ask.

Once you’re connected with the representative of your choice, introduce yourself and let the questions begin. Again, we will send a cheat sheet on what questions you might want to ask and we’ll have a booth during the event for any last minute questions you may have.

You'll leave the event with all the employers contact information for any follow up you may want to do.

How to Get Started

  1. Register in the box on the right of this screen.
  2. Complete your profile by answering some questions that will help give an idea of what kind of job you’re looking for and what experience you already have.
  3. Check the list of employers participating and the different jobs they have available.
  4. “Show up” by logging in on the 11th (we’ll send you a link) and find the best job for you!


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May 13, 2014

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