Indian Health Career Fair

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Indian Health Services

About this Event

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Join us for the Indian Health Career Fair! Meet with our recruiters, loan repayment specialists and scholarship analysts to learn more about the Indian health system, an innovative, dynamic, nationwide network of dedicated health professionals working to meet the individual health care needs of American Indians and Alaska Natives.

At this event, you will be able to collect information about the various job opportunities that IHS offers with recruiters standing by to answer any questions you may have through live, one-on-one chats. Loan repayment specialists will advise you on the right paths to successfully apply for loan repayment and explain how to fulfill your service commitment. What’s more, scholarship analysts are also on hand to answer your questions.

In addition to real-time feedback and advice, you’ll find helpful links to career opportunities, loan repayment benefits, scholarship options and other Indian health system program resources.

Who Should Attend This Event:

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  • You are a unique person with an uncommon vision for your future
  • You’ve worked hard and trained rigorously to earn your professional credentials
  • You envision a health care career that centers on patient care and a life where work, family, friends and community are woven together into a balanced whole
  • You want to improve the lives of those you serve and would rather experience life within a small town or rural setting where you are an integral part of the local community
  • Your approach to life and work may be an excellent match with our priorities and opportunities
  • You have questions about health professions loan repayment
  • You are an American Indian/Alaska Native student interested in a scholarship opportunity that will prepare you for a health profession career

Live Chat Schedule

In addition to gathering information, once you register you will be able to attend the following live chat times to connect directly with IHS recruiters (all of which take place on Thursdays):

June 20, 2013

What: California and Alaska Areas Only
When: 7 - 10pm ET, 4 - 7pm PT